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David J. Lieske, Ph.D.
David J. Lieske is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography and Environment, and is the Director of the Mount Allison University Geospatial Modelling Lab (GML).

His research expertise encompasses spatial statistical modelling, geographic information systems (GIS), and geovisualization. David is particularly interested in the application of these methods to assist environmental monitoring, mapping and conservation planning.

David is also the author of the Tantramar Community Adaptation Viewer (TCAV), a web-based decision support toolkit for viewing community flood risk vulnerability.

Link to David's Workshop on the R Statistical Package: click here

His contact information is as follows:

David J. Lieske, Ph.D.
Contact information:

  David J. Lieske
  Assoc. Professor
  Dept. of Geography
  and Environment,
  Mount Allison
  144 Main Street,
  Sackville, NB,
  Tel: 506-364-2315
  Fax: 506-364-2625

Tantramar Dyke Risk Project

Project Summary:

As part of an Atlantic Climate Change Adaptation Solutions Association (ACASA)-funded initiative (2010-2012), the Mount Allison University Geospatial Modelling Lab (GML) researched techniques for visualizing and communicating sea-level-rise-related flood risk.

The following paper offers a framework for designing visualizations intended for climate change risk communication:

Lieske, D. 2012. Towards a framework for designing spatial and non-spatial visualizations for communicating climate change risks. Geomatica 66: 27-36.

The previous paper outlined theoretical aspects for how visualizations can influence people's perception of climate change. The following paper formally tested a number of communication approaches (visual, non-visual) and assessed the impact on people's perception of risk:

Lieske, D.J., T. Wade and L.A. Roness. 2014. Climate change awareness and strategies for communicating the risk of coastal flooding: a Canadian maritime case example. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 140: 83-94. [Elsevier usage report, as of April 2014 = 592 downloads or viewings].

Reports / Papers:

A number of reports were produced by the GML, ranging from summaries of the potential economic impact of flooding, assessments of the capacity of the existing dykes to protect the Town of Sackville, and the provision of recommendations for ways that on-the-ground adaptation can be inspired.